About us

Who we are

Established in June 2004, Leading Minds is a consulting and training firm specialized in offering specially organized seminars and conferences, providing invaluable training and education to individuals and employees. Since its inception, Leading Minds has diligently provided results to become a leader in its field, working closely with the region’s most prominent organizations within the banking, construction, pharmaceutical, IT and telecom sectors, among others. The company has pioneered the concept of consulting and training in the region, priding itself in continuously stimulating personal development to promote the success of individuals as well as the collective prosperity of companies as a whole.

Our approach

At Leading Minds, we extend beyond merely giving lectures focusing on best practices and new approaches, and go the extra mile to first understand the client’s needs before organizing a plan of action. First, an analysis is conducted to map out difficulties and hurdles faced in the workplace; then, a specifically catered program to target those problem areas and improve performance levels is developed. We do not consider our job done until a follow-up is conducted to ensure that the newly acquired tools and information have been successfully implemented.

The driving force behind Leading Minds is to unlock the potential in individuals, providing essential knowledge and developing skills so that they better perform and excel in their chosen profession, thereby advancing their careers. We strive to continuously supply innovative products and services of the highest quality through our expert team of consultants and internationally renowned training and consultancy partners.

To meet our challenging goals, we are dedicated to catering to the specific requirements of each client. We understand that attention to detail is what separates the mediocre from the excellent, so we never stray from our objective of delivering the highest possible performance at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just one of the ‘in’ things for companies to be concerned about. We strongly believe it is about getting down to doing something positive to protect and sustain the environment and contribute to society.

Our policy has three strands; how to care for our environment, how to make a difference socially and how to consider these issues in our commercial relationships.


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